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Tuesday, April 4, 2017


How To Take Good Care Of Your Car At All Given Interval

Let your car or vehicle know you and know how it perform at all given intervals that will make your car last longer than expected. Some just drive their cars or vehicles on the roads today without knowing how to open the bonnet and check the engine oil level or even lock the car for security purpose.
1.   The steering wheel lock of your vehicle is the first number one security lock fitted by the vehicle manufacturers to protect your vehicle from theft when parked, but a lot of people over looked it and some don’t even know how. Anytime you are parking your vehicle any place be rest assured that you rock the steering wheel side by side by turning it after removing the ignition key from the steering that is locking the steering wheel at this point, no master key on this earth that can open the steering wheel of that vehicle without the original key of the vehicle made by the manufacturers.


 How To Achieve Traveling On Long Trip Without Stress.

Driving has to do with the mind and brain to get to your desired
destination, give yourself enough sleep is a point because the body system
itself needs rest to function well at any given time of the day.
1. Have enough rest before you embark on a long trip to prevent
stressing your body before you get to where you are going to or place.
2. Have enough rest without you testing any alcohol the previous night
before embarking on this trip; this could also lead to the body
weakness and stress up.
3. While you drive on long trip after every 2hours drive stop and have
10mins wake around your vehicle to prevent stress up.
4. Don’t take heavy food while embarking on this trip, it will take long
before it digest and could also weaken the body which could lead you
to sleep while driving.
5. Make such your vehicle is in good condition before embarking on a
long trip, to prevent your body from stress up while trying to fix the
vehicle on the way.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

don't try to miss out from this now before it get late.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Naija Na Wa Ooooo!!!! This Is Real I Have Tested It Life I Am Not Asking You To Joint Helping Hands International But Take The Risk You Will Smile

Helping Hands International  is real, i registered by the end of September 2014 and i got my ID, Username/Sponsors by the end of November 23th 2014, i got 6 person to register, i was paid the sum of $58 dollars right in my account cool money no stress, right now i have being promoted to stage 2 which is the Master Matrix as i rightly said before, so now i am looking for more people to get registered so that i can move to stage 3 where i will be giving award and pick up a iPad or Laptop and a cash of $1000 dollars in my account.
What did it cost me? just #6600 which paid for my registration to become a member. But if you have a master card you can as well make your payment through this link anything out side that you have to look for a Sponsor Username/ID to complete your form for processing of your registration so you can use my link or check my bank details and make your payment and send the form/ payment slip to my mail box and get your registration processed for you.
This is not a Spam as i rightly said to you all online is real God Bless as you take action.

ACCT. NO. 0040965387
Call no 07035133829 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Naija Helping Hands International Is Here To Broke The Nuts Out Of The Shell If Only You Are Ready

Helping hands is an international NGO that is into Humanitarian services,Trade and skill Acquisition Services, Asset and Property Services, Financial Empowerment Services and Scholarship Award Services. All you need to do get the form and register with the sum of $40 or #6600 only and you will become a member of this body for life. You can register through this link and you will be registered online with $40.
When you now become a member you first start as an Associate Matrix that is stage 1, bring in two people to joint, you at the top you get paid $16 in your account, if you bring in 6 people to joint under you as the sponsor you paid $48 plus a stage 1 matrix bonus of $10 that brings it to a total of $58 in you account when this is completed, you will be promoted to stage 2, and that is called Master Matrix all you need to do is just keep on getting people to joint, http// friends, your church members, family members etc.
The loving part of it is that, at stage 2 when you complete your matrix you get paid the sum of $1000 cash in your account plus ipad or Laptop as a gift with a certificate.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

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