Tuesday, April 4, 2017


How To Take Good Care Of Your Car At All Given Interval

Let your car or vehicle know you and know how it perform at all given intervals that will make your car last longer than expected. Some just drive their cars or vehicles on the roads today without knowing how to open the bonnet and check the engine oil level or even lock the car for security purpose.
1.   The steering wheel lock of your vehicle is the first number one security lock fitted by the vehicle manufacturers to protect your vehicle from theft when parked, but a lot of people over looked it and some don’t even know how. Anytime you are parking your vehicle any place be rest assured that you rock the steering wheel side by side by turning it after removing the ignition key from the steering that is locking the steering wheel at this point, no master key on this earth that can open the steering wheel of that vehicle without the original key of the vehicle made by the manufacturers.

2.     The hand brake or parking brake as is being called of your vehicle is not main for parking purpose by the vehicle manufacturer, is main aim or purpose as the case may be is for total brake failure of your vehicle on motion, which you can use the lever or handle to stop your vehicle on motion but it should be pull or operated slowly to being the vehicle to rest.

3.     With the rate of high increase of vehicle theft, when driving your vehicle always keep an eye on your side and inner mirrors of you vehicle to know who is tailing you, in case you notice any movement at this time you need to increase your speed and keep watching also, change the direction of where you are going to and if in case the vehicle keeps coming look for a near by police post or a safe place and park your vehicle that is very important.

4.     The vehicle you see and you used are like human beings too, if you treat them well it will never disappoint you no matter the problem, the place and the time it will take you to where ever you are going before it will finally give up, this vehicles are like spirit, if you notice any fault and want to keep managing it, it will also manage you too, it will lead to more problem and also disappoint you when you less expected it, but when you notice any fault on your vehicle and you carried out the repairs that vehicle itself will be happy and will serve you well and will never disappoint you. The vehicle will always give you signs when there is problem that needs to be rectified.

5.     Your vehicle is your next office or business place you have, you need to keep it in good state, before you leave your home in the morning tried as much as you can carry out first free maintenance check which will not take much of your time and prevent any disappointment on your way, check all liquid fluid on the vehicle for correct level, check engine oil level, fan belt tension, tyre pressure and be sure that all the covers are tight then start your engine and let it warm at least for 5mins before leaving home and finally before you move your vehicle pump your brakes 3time them go ahead for the day.
These tips are just to give you a quick remainder of some important things which you need to know about your vehicle usage, try to make it part of you, this vehicle will hardly disappoint you.

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