Tuesday, April 4, 2017


 How To Achieve Traveling On Long Trip Without Stress.

Driving has to do with the mind and brain to get to your desired
destination, give yourself enough sleep is a point because the body system
itself needs rest to function well at any given time of the day.
1. Have enough rest before you embark on a long trip to prevent
stressing your body before you get to where you are going to or place.
2. Have enough rest without you testing any alcohol the previous night
before embarking on this trip; this could also lead to the body
weakness and stress up.
3. While you drive on long trip after every 2hours drive stop and have
10mins wake around your vehicle to prevent stress up.
4. Don’t take heavy food while embarking on this trip, it will take long
before it digest and could also weaken the body which could lead you
to sleep while driving.
5. Make such your vehicle is in good condition before embarking on a
long trip, to prevent your body from stress up while trying to fix the
vehicle on the way.

6. Don’t over walk your self trying to get things set at home before
leaving or trying to beat time which could also lead to stress.
7. Always start a long trip early before the sun set because staying long
under the sun will lead to body weakness while driving on long trip
and will lead to stress.
8. Set your mind to where you are about to travel to not to get mix-up
with things that are not relevant to where you are traveling to at that
moment because traveling on high way has to do with the mind and
brain set up before living your home at all time.
Driving under stress could be dangerous to you and other road users
because you no longer obey traffic signs and rules, your mind is out of
control, you no longer see other road users as human begins, all you are
after you want to go ahead even when is not your right way of traffic.
 In a nut shell driving stress could led you to aging quick but could not be
notice as a result of all is well and driving stress could also lead to illness
of the body so need to be prevented and if this tips are followed well you
will never feel stressed up after trip or driving on long trip.

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